How to play

First, connect to your wallet by clicking on the "CONNECT" button.

You need to have some ADA and TET tokens in your wallet.

Now you can create puzzle pieces by clicking on the "MINT" button.

Each time you click on "MINT", you pay some TET as a fee and create 10 random pieces.

The pieces might take a few seconds to appear because each piece is a token on the Cardano blockchain and it needs to be registered on chain.

By clicking on a piece, you can add it to the board. Then you can move it around and rotate it using the direction and rotate buttons.

When you have completed the puzzle, click on the check icon to merge all the pieces and mint a TEK token. Each TEK token is worth 1000 TET tokens.

You can convert your TEK tokens to TET tokens by clicking on "TEK 2 TET" button.

You can also merge the pieces even when the puzzle is not complete to create new pieces.